Take a trip to: The forest of faces

Tales are meant to entertain, and sometimes inspire. Every once in a while, the same one does both. Such a tale happened to me last weekend when I crossed the bridge inside Orr Park. It is a tranquil trail tucked away in Montevallo, Alabama, but unique features make the park stand out among places to […]

The old card trick

On the first day of February, 2017, a new game was invented. After I read a coworker’s haiku, I said, “I bet if you give me one word, I can make a poem out of it.” Thus, the game was born. Recently, in what I took to be a challenge, I was given the word […]

Take a trip to: Hank Williams’ house

My phone was going crazy, and it wouldn’t stop.The screen showed a flash flood alert, but I dismissed it and glanced up at a small sliver of road through a rain-soaked windshield. I was on my way to Georgiana, on a trip to see the museum inside Hank Williams’ boyhood home. The rain poured and […]

The first night of the new year

The first day of a new year has almost come and gone. A steady rain is falling, as it has nearly all day. I can hear it thumping against the roof of my house in a rhythm which is bound to put me to sleep. While I’m still awake, since I’ve properly greeted the new […]

Reflections on your first Christmas

Dear Maelynn and Maggie, It’s Christmas, but you two were already fast asleep when this letter was written. In a few minutes, your first Christmas will be your first Christmas past. You may not remember this, but your first Christmas was a blur. You two were passed around to many a person in many a […]

Making the most of the all-star experience

Here we sit, on the verge of another all-star baseball and softball experience. Young baseball and softball players are a season the wiser, and those chosen to represent their communities will spend a good part of the summer on the diamond. They have a unique opportunity to wear their communities’ names on their jerseys in […]

When I met you

Dear Maelynn and Maggie, I saw both of you for the first time yesterday. It was the most surreal thing I’ve ever experienced. I’d seen pictures of you when y’all made your appearance while we were still on the road to Michigan, but being there with both of you and seeing you with my own […]